Locksmiths are qualified professionals who master in the art of locks, keys, doors and everything in between. A locksmith can make keys, change and install locks and security devices for homes, businesses and vehicles. When choosing a locksmith, its important to choose a locksmith you can trust. We gathered some tips to help you screen and choose the best locksmith for you.

Go Local

Your neighborhood locksmith will always be closer in case you need fast, emergency service. He’ll also be able to charge less for his service call, and always be around when you need another copy or a small fix.

Read Reviews

Today’s online community allows sharing good and bad experiences. Take advantage of other’s experience – read online reviews! Chances are good locksmiths got 4 stars and above.

Check Locksmith License & Insurance

Almost all states require a special state license to be carried when performing locksmith work. Always ask for a license number before hiring a locksmith, Check your state’s licensing authority’s website for more information and to verify the license.

Ask for Clear Pricing

While sometimes it could be challenging to quote a price for locksmith work over the phone, make sure you ask for a clear quote once the locksmith arrives on site.

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  1. Tiffany Locke

    I’m glad that you recommend finding a local locksmith so that they can get to you quickly and to ensure you’re able to contact them if you require any other services. It could help to find a local one as soon as possible so that you can know who to contact in an emergency. In order to find one, you might want to get referrals from people you know and research local locksmiths online, which could help you learn more about the services they offer so that you can find one that is able to help with many different situations.

  2. charles walk

    I think that it is going to be helpful to follow the tip that you gave to choose a locksmith who is local because they will charge less for their service call because they are closeby. My wife and I have been talking about finding a locksmith as soon as we can because we accidentally locked the keys in our car, and can’t get them because we don’t have a spare. To be sure that we could get the most affordable locksmith, I will start our search locally.