1. Keep Spare Keys

Make sure you have a spare set of keys in the right place at the right time. Many gadgets allow hiding a key in a safe place that’s NOT obvious, like in a magnet under the car or a rock looking hide away. Giving a key to a nearby family member or a trustworthy neighbor is also a great option.

2. Repair Locks on Time

When starting to feel something is wrong with a lock, if its hard to open or lock it – it’s probably the right time to call your local locksmith. The longer you wait – the bigger the chance you’ll get locked out. Repairing a lock will always be easier and cheaper than calling an emergency locksmith after it’s malfunctioning.

3. Install a Smart Lock

Smart or Bio metric locks relieve you from needing a key to access. Weather operated by a code, fingerprint or facial recognition these smart access control devices will make sure you’ll never get locked out again.

4.  Regularly Maintain Locks

Like any mechanical device, locks need basic maintenance every once in a while. Some WD-40 and alignment can keep your locks working well for many years and help avoid any surprising lock problems.

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